The Experience


The Michigan Business Club is a club dedicated to introducing its members to the world of business. During the first semester, members gain industry specific knowledge and skills through workshops and meetings. During the second semester, meetings and workshops dive into more niche industry areas. With their focus groups, members will work on semester-long projects in their field to develop teamwork and presentation skills.

Over the course of an academic year, MBC breaks business down to provide members with all the information and tools necessary to:

  • Make individual career decisions
  • Recruit for jobs and internships
  • Connect business to their field of study
  • Stay connected with world news
  • Develop existing skillsets and form new ones


Focus Group Projects

During the second semester, members choose a focus group to continue building their skills. These focus groups work on a semester long project, such as client consulting sessions or investment fund management of MBC’s $20K+ fund. At the end of the year, members present their findings to a panel of judges to prepare them for client presentations. For the upcoming semester, we hope to partner with companies such as P&G and Citi to provide members with a hands-on industry experience.

Technical and Career Workshops

Throughout the year, members will have the opportunity to develop a repertoire of skills that will help them gain an advantage for recruiting. Members will be trained to become proficient in using tools such as Excel, Financial Modelling, Bloomberg, FactSet and PowerPoint which are valuable skills across all industries.

Mentorship Program

Each member is offered the opportunity to be paired with a mentor who will be able to give them individualized support and advice throughout the term. Mentors help members with understanding business concepts, critiquing resumes, finding internships and much more. Members have the opportunity to sign up for industry specific emails, connecting them with companies. Mentors also help members with any academic questions they may have.


Ross Minor Application Assistance

For students who are interested in applying to the Minor program at the Ross School of Business, MBC hosts workshops focused on helping students prepare for the application process. Each year, MBC invites representatives from the Ross Admissions Office to give an overview of the process and to answer questions from members. Board members, some of who have been through the process and are now in the program, are always available to help review application drafts and to answer any questions.

Weekly Market Updates

Market updates are presented at the beginning of each meeting to help members acquaint themselves with current events around the world. Each week, one mentorship team compiles the market update to present to the rest of the club. These updates cover events of significance in finance, economy, politics, technology and other areas. Presented here is a sample slide extracted from one of the weekly presentations that discussed Facebook’s acquisition of Whatsapp.


Guest Speakers

In addition to meetings, workshop and projects, MBC hosts industry experts to share their insights with members. Pictured here is Mike Townsend, co-founder and COO of HomeHero, and 2016 Forbes “30 under 30” alum.

Interactive Competitions

To supplement workshops, projects and presentations given in weekly meetings, members are also strongly encouraged to learn more about certain careers through hands-on activities held over the term. Pictured here are the guidelines for our Stock Investment Competition, where members had the opportunity to participate in a real-time trading platform to simulate the experience of an equities trader.

Zap Zone 2014

Social Events

Outside of the workshops and competitions, the club also encourages members to develop relationships that will last throughout their time at Michigan. To that extent, MBC organizes social events to provide a casual environment to meet and connect personally with other members of the club and board.